To make the best cider, your family tree better apple tree.
— Jolie Devoto, 2nd Generation Apple Farmer

1976 is a homage to the year Stan & Susan Devoto left Berkeley to move ‘back to the land’ and planted our family’s first orchard in west Sonoma County. Visionaries of their time, they valued biodiversity and cultivated vegetables, flowers, and 55 heirloom apple varieties that we still grow today.

Every year to honor them, we craft a small batch of this special semi-dry cider blended from those original apple varieties they planted almost 40 years ago.

Profiles: Aromas of ripe tropical fruit lead to a creamy texture and lush fruit on the palate finished with soft tannins. 

Pairings: green curry, spicy Vietnamese noodle soup, ceviche, green papaya salad, bean salads and stews, anything good and spicy. 

Cheese Pairings: Meadow Creek Mountaineer (VA), Consider Bardwell Rupert (VT), Thistle Hill Tarentaise (VT)

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Style: semi-dry

Apple Blend: Pink Pearl, Gravenstein, Hubbardston Nonesuch 

Origin: Sebastopol, Sonoma County

Farming: Certified Organic 

Soil: Gold Ridge Loam

Harvest Dates: September 10, 2014

Awards: Silver Medal at 2014 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition


 As winter draws near, we bundle up and harvest the last and most charismatic of our apples.  These hearty varieties hang on the tree for nearly 7 months, slowly developing deep and concentrated flavors.  The Arkansas Black, Black Twig, and Black Jonathan apples make up the backbone of the Noir.  Other heirloom varieties balance body with refreshing crispness. 

Profiles: The Cidre Noir offers layers of ginger, licorice, and crisp green apple on the palate, finished with an elegant tannic structure. 

Pairings: rich, creamy dishes, such as shepherd's pie, spaghetti alla carbonara, charcuterie, shellfish, savory veggies.

Cheese Pairings: Cowgirl Mt. Tam (CA), Gypsy Cheese Gypsy Rose (CA), Thistle Hill Tarentaise (VT)

Style: Dry

Apple Blend: Arkansas Black, Black Twig, Black Jonathan, Pippin, Braeburn, Davisson, Granny Smith

Origin: Sebastopol, Sonoma County

Farming: certified organic 

Soil: Gold Ridge Loam

Harvest Dates: October 5-9th, 2013

Awards: Gold Medal at the 2014 CA Cider Compeition, Silver Medal at 2014 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition


Two generations ago, back when apples were king, we planted ourselves and 6,500 apple trees in Sebastopol, California.  Times have changed and most of Sonoma County’s orchards have been replaced with vineyards, taking with them the centuries-old Gravenstein.  But we’ve held our ground and tend to 50+ heirloom apple varieties on 26 organic acres.

In August, when our Gravenstein apples are at the peak of their ripeness, we pick them, press them, and pour ourselves into every drop. We are proud to offer this food-friendly, dry cider from our family farm to you.  

Profiles: Aromas of lemon, sage, yeast, and mint on the nose lead to bright acidity and a smooth finish. 

Pairings: oysters on the half shell, dungeness crab, surf and turf paella.

Cheese Pairings: Point Reyes Farmstead Bay Blue (CA) Andre Artisan Cheese Willow Del Rustique (CA), Bohemian Creamery The Bomb (CA), Valley Ford Estero Gold Reserve (CA)

Style: dry

Apple Blend: 90% Gravenstein, 10% other early season heirlooms

Origin: Sebastopol, Sonoma County

Farming: Certified Organic 

Soil: Gold Ridge Loam

Harvest Dates: August 14-19, 2014

Awards: Silver Medal at 2015 Great Lakes Cider and Perry Competition